Spring Painting Colors to Refresh Your Home

Spring brings a feeling of renewal, freshness, happiness, and excitement. Spring Painting Colors can lighten up your house and provide the perfect backdrop for incorporating seasonal decor. If this new season has got you the feeling of bringing some freshness into your home, then it is the perfect time to paint.

Naturally, you get ready to change things in the spring, and the weather is also great for painting. Here we discuss some exterior and interior spring painting colors that will enhance the beauty of your home.

Table Of Contents

  • Exterior Spring Painting Colors to Refresh Your Home
  • 1. Gorgeous Green Spring Painting Color
  • 2. Buttery Yellow
  • 3. Icy Blue
  • Interior Spring Painting Colors to Refresh Your Home
  • 1. Bold peach
  • 2. Light Beige
  • 3. Blush Pink
  • Final Words

Exterior Spring Painting Colors To Refresh Your Home

Spring is usually the lovely and perfect time for exterior painting, and it’s a lot easier to find professional painters in the spring than in the summer. However, if you wait until the summer to get your painting done, you’ll find that painters are very busy and already booked.

Because most people don’t change the outside of their homes very often, you want something that will stand the test of time for exterior colors. Beyond your own personal style and what’s trendy right now, there are a few factors to consider when picking a color palette for your house.

Surely, You want to pick something that mixes in with the natural surroundings and fits in with the other houses near your street.  Many areas have color requirements that must be followed, Don’t break the rules. Double-check the color rules of your area and start painting your beautiful home.

So, spring is the time when you should get your house painted, but what about color? Don’t worry! I also have the answer to this question.

Here is a list of spring painting colors to refresh your home exterior.

1. Gorgeous Green Spring Painting Color

Green is a cool choice for exterior painting. Gorgeous green can provide a fun color while remaining more neutral. While dark tones of hunter green are popular all year, I like the gorgeous green to paint-over the exterior color for a new spring look.

2. Buttery Yellow

Yellow might be the perfect spring color for the exterior of your home. It can give off that sunny and happy vibe to you and your house! While you often see shades of yellow being used inside homes, you can also paint soft buttery yellow shades on the exterior too.

When paired with a simple, crisp white trim and accents, it gives a look that stands out but is never overwhelming. This beautiful color pairs well with brighter colors as an accent, which makes it great. Buttery yellow with a vibrant pink or blue front door might be cuter.

3. Icy Blue

Icy blue feels a fresh and crisp color for painting the exterior of any house. You can use this shade on your wall for a springy pop of color.

You can also use this color for your interior home, like incorporating it into the kitchen to add a dose of serenity to your morning routine. This color is a beautiful update to the standard cool gray paint and truly sparks joy doesn’t matter where it’s used.


Interior Spring Painting Colors To Refresh Your Home

Everyone wants to choose fresh and beautiful colors for their interior house. Your house is a place that comforts you, brings you joy, and makes you feel home. you might want something brighter and amazing to bring energy into your house.

Brighter, soft, and soothing tones colors suit well where you want to relax like bedrooms, bathrooms, and family rooms. When you choose your wall colors, you can have fun picking out other elements to highlight with other accent colors.

Here are some spring painting colors to refresh your home interior.

1. Bold Peach

Bold peach is a bright, bold, and playful color. It is the perfect paint color for the interior of your home. You can use it to paint an accent wall or to give a happy pop of color to your home. It pairs well with a neutral palette and can breathe life into any space.

2. Light Beige

You can replace your bright white paint with a light beige that looks almost off-white. As the name suggests, a sandy shade of beige with warm undertones doesn’t require any filter. Light Beige is a great option in a room that has a cool dramatic feature you want to highlight, like a wall with a big window or even a piece of art. Beige is a calming neutral color that blends into each season, and room seamlessly.

3. Blush Pink

Blush pink has a range of shades to work with, from an almost white tone with just a hint of pink to a true rosy light pink that stops short of being too vivid. This beautiful color has elements of those pastel Easter tones while being a little more softer and sophisticated.

It creates an instant cozy feel in your home while keeping things calm and soothing. It can inject happy energy into you and your house interior. For something bolder, you can pair it with soft blue, sage green, or a darker shade of gray.

PS: Keep things balanced with neutrals like light gray, soft white, or beige for a more subtle look.

Final Words

Nature really puts on a show during spring! When it comes to selecting spring paint colors to brighten up your home in this beautiful season, there are endless options! If you’re not sure about where to start, looking to the world around you for inspiration might be the best choice.

From the different shades of green in your garden to the pretty little flowers popping up all over town, you’ll find color inspiration everywhere you look. Once you get what colors speak to you, it’s much easier to start narrowing down the particular shade you were looking for to be the color of your space.

At the end of the day, if you want to give your home a fresh look for spring, WC Painting Services is here to help! Whether it’s interior or exterior painting projects, our professional painters will transform your home in no time.

WC Painting Services helps you choose your perfect colors and take care of all the prep work. Also provide you spring painting color ideas if you need. We are reliable so you can leave everything to us and come to a brand new home at the end of the day.

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