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Do you want to freshen up the exterior painting of your house but wonder how much you have to take time from your busy routine? Do not think further, Exterior Painting Service of WC Painting Services in Worcester, MA are just a call away to help you to achieve whatever style and look you are looking for. We do all the effort to stand out your house from your neighbors and provide all the satisfaction you need. Schedule a free consultation at 508-657-4104.

Local Exterior Painters Worcester MA

The simplest approach to add charm and freshness that may have a direct impact on your mood is to repaint the walls of your home. If you live in Worcester, Massachusetts, and need painters to paint the interior or exterior of your home, WC Painting Services can handle all of your painting requirements.

We use only high-quality paint that offers 5 years guarantee and are extra durable, dirt-resistant, waterproof smooth formulation, and with awesome coverage. We offer fine masonry and smooth paint depending on the type of surface and cover everything from a smooth render to a pebble dash.

WC Painting Service
offers amazing service and our reputation is second to none. Five-star reviews show that we are doing a good job of satisfying our clients, which inspires us to put out extra effort. Our outstandingly talented staff all have a minimum of six years of experience. Our consumers return to us for their house painting needs because of our high standards strong work ethics.
wc exterior painting serviceswc interior painting services

Exterior Painting Service Worcester MA

We all live in an area of the world with moderate temperatures, low humidity, and friendly sun rays. An area like Worcester MA is famous because of its low temperature and the sun beating the paint of properties causing the exterior of your house paint to chip, crack, and at last, start peeling.

Exterior painting is the most crucial step to boost the curb appeal of your house. WC Painting services give your home a complete makeover with the peace of mind you need.

Our expert house painters in Worcester MA apply the finest paint quality on your walls after cleaning all the dirt, pebbles, and previous loose paint, and filling the gap with caulk.

After finishing the work our team cleans all the materials and tools around your house quickly and asks for your final inspection to ensure your complete satisfaction.


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Choosing The Right Exterior Painters Near Me Worcester MA

Exterior painting is not the same as interior one and to paint the exterior house you need to choose the right paint quality and color.  If you are worried to find the best painters for exterior painting in Worcester MA, let us help you with the tips mentioned below:
You have to go with the right paint quality and color that matches the unique architectural design of your house. Whether you just want to renovate your house or build a new one, selecting the right paint is essential. For example, if your house has a traditional vintage design then Rich navy and fresh mint color would be a nice match. But if your pretty house follows a modern architectural design the blue and a combination of magenta and ocher will be the best match.
The exterior coating of paint protects the paint from mold, rain, moisture, etc. Worcester MA experiences high cold temperatures sometimes below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. So for this purpose, our expert painters apply an exterior protective layer on the paint that protects the exterior of your house from all the severe atmospheric conditions especially when the snow melts.
This is applied when you have limited options to select the exterior paints for your house. In areas where almost all the houses have the same exterior color scheme, you can go with this idea. But always remember you always have a choice to play with the colors of your own choice and preference.
Exterior Painting in Worcester MA, A focus on longevity. If we lived in an area of the world with a perfect climate, with steady temperatures that do not fluctuate, low humidity, and no scorching sun then we would not have to worry about painting the exterior of our homes.

As they say “Preparation is 80% of the job”. This is true if you completely disregard New England weather. When you are considering painting the exterior of your home you should first consider a couple of things. First is the current condition of the structure. Is the home peeling currently? Do you have a potential moisture problem within your siding or trim? Although there are several things to consider let’s just talk about these two first as they cause the most problems.

Here in New England the constant changes in the weather, the cold temperatures, and the sun beating down on the paint cause the paint to chip, crack, and eventually peel. Another weather characteristic that can adversely affect the longevity of your paint job is humidity. If your home was painted in extreme levels of humidity then your home will be susceptible to peeling in the near future due to moisture that is trapped underneath the paint.

Once the issue or reason for the peeling has been identified then a professional painter can take the necessary steps to remedy the problem. This will assure the longevity of the workmanship he or she is offering to the customer.
Before we can apply a new product we must first identify potential problem areas on the house and take the necessary steps to fix the problems. More often than not when we are called in to restore the exterior of a home it is peeling that has brought our customer to call us. We must first remove ALL of the failing paint in order to apply a new product that will last for years to come.

WC Exterior Painting Services in Worcester MA prides our selves on our ability to prepare a home for paint with a focus on longevity. Over the last two decades WC Painting Services has changed with the industry and we have adapted with technology. This has allowed us to develop a fail-safe system for restoring our customer’s homes. We use a variety of stripping, heating, grinding, shaving, and feather sanding to remove the failing paint.

We use a 55 year, 100% silicone caulking for all joints and seams to prevent water intrusion. We only use the industries highest quality primers and paints as we feel very strongly that you get what you pay for when purchasing paint.

Through experience, industry innovation, attention to detail, and an unwavering dedication to providing the highest quality workmanship, WC Painting Services offers our customers an unmatched five (5) year quality guarantee on all of our exterior projects. So if longevity is a concern of your. Call and  allow us to re-beautify your home.

Why You Should Choose WC Painting Services Overpainting Contractors

You would be wondering why you should choose WC Interior Exterior Painting Services over other painting contractors. Here we are sharing some facts that make us stand out from other exterior house painting contractors.
For every job, we send our 3-4 trained and professional painters to give your house fresh and good vibes through their painting talent. Our painters in Worcester MA treat every project as a unique one no matter if it is exterior painting, interior painting, deck building, kitchen cabinet painting, or just wallpaper removal. Our skilled painters are always ready to perform their best.
We know that no one wants a mess after a house painting is done. Our workers not only just paint your home skilfully but also clean the surroundings in the end and do not forget to maintain cleanliness during the whole process.
WC Painting Service is a locally owned and renowned painting contractor in Worcester MA. Once you schedule your whole house painting Worcester MA project for us, our highly trained workers start working to complete the project within two weeks.

We make sure that you do not suffer in the process by spending extra time calling and checking the status of work. Our team manages to do all the effort for you and manages everything efficiently to keep you updated during the entire process.
We are confident enough in delivering a high-quality painting service and that’s why we give a 2-year guarantee contract to our consumers. Our customers love this and appreciate us and that is what makes us do extra effort to provide the best results.

Our team is 23/7 available to attend to all your queries, so in case if you have any questions about exterior painting in Worcester MA in your mind, contact us anytime and get a free estimate.

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Have you decided to bring a change in your house look via painting? We are always ready to send our trained team to your doorstep to paint your commercial or residential property. Give your house a new vibe by using unique colors and stand out in your neighbors.
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