Skim Coating Plastering: What is Skim Coating Plastering and the Difference Between Both

What Is Skim Coating Plastering And The Difference Between Both

Once the surface of a wall becomes uneven, it is unlikely to paint over it. Instead, you can make it look new by giving your walls a shiny, smooth coat of plastering. Skim coat plastering is a speedy way to paint surfaces, letting you avoid any imperfections. When the walls are dull, no matter how excellent the interior is, the beauty of your home suffers.

Skim coating plastering is a good finishing technique in painting which is used to create smooth surfaces on walls. In this we have to apply thin plaster on the wall and hide all the imperfections to make wall clear and even. This plastering process gives polished and elegant finishing to the walls. After that you easily apply paint or wallpaper on the walls.

Nobody wants to spend dollars on repairing these flaws. But skim coat plastering can be the best choice for sure. Continue reading if you want to know how to skim coating plastering works for your uneven walls And the difference between Plastering and skimming.

What Is Skim Coat Plastering Used For?

Plastering: Plaster is commonly used for coating, protecting, and decorating interior walls and ceilings. It’s a mixture of lime, cement concrete, and sand. This mixture is made with the required quantity of water.

However, there are several types of plastering, such as;

  • Browning plaster.
  • Bonding plaster.
  • Thistle plaster.
  • Carlite plaster.
  • Hardwall plaster.
  • Dri-coat plaster.
  • One Coat plaster.
  • Tough coat plaster.

All of these types have different applications and mixing techniques. And these plaster types are used for various purposes.

Skimming: Skim coat is mainly used for rough cement surfaces. There are a few other steps along the way of plastering to achieve a smooth surface, but finishing is dependent on the plasterer’s skill. The sleeker appearance arises from the thinner coat.

Difference Between Plastering And Skimming

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Plaster and skimming are both used to decorate the structures and increase the durability of a wall. But no doubt there are some differences and similarities between these two.


Plaster is a thin layer of mortar applied to the surface as a wet coat on the brick masonry. Plaster creates a flawless finished surface. It strengthens and smoothes the walls, improving the building’s look. Plastering protects surfaces from external impacts, conceals poor masonry artistry and waterproof materials, and offers effective painting surfaces.


Skimming is also a kind of plastering method. Skimming refers to applying finishing plaster to create a smooth finish for painting or wallpapering on new plasterboard or existing walls or ceilings. But It’s a tricky task. Only an experienced worker can do that work with excellent finishing. And since finishing is the most crucial aspect of skimming.

Skim plastering creates a smooth, seamless surface ready to be painted.

Step To Apply Skim Coatings Plastering

  1. Make sure your walls are spotless and clear of dust, dirt, and loose debris before applying the skim coat. Use a patching material to fill in any significant cracks or holes.
  2. Make the skim coat mixture as directed by the manufacturer. To create a smooth consistency, use a mixing paddle and a drill.
  3. Using a trowel or broad knife, evenly apply the skim coat. Keep the coat as thin as you can as you descend the wall, beginning at the top.
  4. Utilise a wide taping knife to smooth out blemishes and produce an even surface after the first coat has been applied. Give it time to totally dry.
  5. Sand the surface very lightly to get rid of any rough or uneven patches. To avoid harming the, be meticulous while being gentle.
  6. The same procedure should be followed for the second skim application. This guarantees a perfect result.
  7. Sand the surface once more for a flawless finish after the last application has dried. The time has come to paint or wallpaper your walls.

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Plastering has been used since the dawn of time. However, it is now primarily utilized as a decorative tool. So, if you want to give your existing walls an upgraded look, try this skim coat plastering method. It is an option for almost every wall and home.

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