4 Tips To Maintain Your Kitchen Cabinets

As a house owner, you must have spent a lot of time thinking and researching the cleanliness of your kitchen space, haven’t you? Undoubtedly, yes! If you have kitchen cabinetry, you already know that they are setting the tone of the entire area. Always maintain your kitchen cabinets to make them attractive.

Painting and refinishing your kitchen cabinets is a good idea to make your home renovation process much quicker and easier. Save your time and money by getting quick Worcester cabinet refinishing and painting services from WC Painting Services. Our 26 years of experience as a refinishing kitchen cabinet company enables us to deliver quality services and lets our customers trust us.

4 Best Tips For Your Kitchen Cabinets

Painting Ideas for Kitchen Walls, Maintain Your Kitchen Cabinets
Painting Ideas for Kitchen Walls

Your kitchen cabinets occupy a sizable portion of your home’s storage space. Sadly, cabinets are more prone to damage compared to other kitchen components. To avoid this problem, here are 4 tips for maintaining your kitchen cabinets so they can last for decades.

1. Deep Cleaning Is A Must

We clean our kitchen cabinets daily, but they also require deep cleaning. So, deep cleaning is necessary if you want to maintain your kitchen cabinets, as deep cleaning requires more time than your regular commitment.

Therefore, plan to spend at least a few hours on the job. Before you start your work, empty all the drawers and cabinets, and remember to remove the shelf paper. Crumbs and dust can find their way into places you wouldn’t imagine.

Clean the interior and exterior gently, clean both sides of the shelves, and then wash the dishes you will display on them. Extra time should be spent on decorative trim with crevices.

2. Try To Avoid Moisture

Moisture is the number one enemy of your cabinets, so try to keep moisture away from cabinets as much as possible. Although we all know that wood and water don’t mix, we frequently ignore the longevity of our kitchen cabinetry.

Excess moisture can also cause long-term damage, such as warping wood or discoloring the cabinet finish. Don’t hang your wet dishcloths over cabinets or cabinet doors because prolonged exposure to water will harm the finish and may create stains. Instead, use a hanging towel rack.

3. Avoid Harsh Cleaners

Chemical cleaners could have abrasive components that damage your kitchen cabinetry. However, if you scrub thoroughly and keep your kitchen cabinets spotless to remove stains as soon as they appear, you won’t require a harsh chemical cleaning.

Don’t use cleaning products that have ammonia, as it will damage your wood finish and prematurely age your cabinets. If you need harsher chemicals to clean off door handles or cabinet knobs, spray them onto a rag.

Carefully apply it over the knobs and ensure the chemicals do not come into contact with the wood surface. Don’t use steel wool, scouring pads, and brushes for this job; leave them for pans and pots.

4. Avoid Commercial Waxes

Your cabinets may not always require waxing, oiling, or polishing because they are made of wood. To learn the suggested procedures for waxing and polishing your kitchen cabinets, consult your owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer.

Sometimes, the polishes you use on your cabinets do the opposite of what you want. But, instead of bringing shine, they accumulate on your cabinets and leave a dingy impression. So try all these tips and maintain your kitchen cabinets by yourself in the home.


If your existing cabinets have started chipping or the paint coating begins to crack, this is a time to refinish your kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinet refinishing in Worcester MA may provide you with a fresh and improved version of the kitchen. Refinishing is a much less expensive way as compared to buying new cabinets for your kitchen.      

When it comes to kitchen cabinet refinishing in MA, WC Painting Services stands out because people trust us for their refinishing needs of kitchen cabinets in Worcester MA. Our skilled team maintains our commitment to quality and the results are guaranteed to be washable, long-lasting, and durable.

Kitchen cabinet refinishing in Worcester MA, is usually done at your place without taking sight of the cabinets except when requested or needed during the project. During the whole process, our workers keep in mind to handle your hardware carefully and not take damage during removing, storing, or reinstalling. Our team has all the dependability and expertise that you are looking for.

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